Blockbuster videos

Have to stop by the Blockbuster that I normally use at some point today and piss all over them. Basically I feel as if I am being fucked. We use two different stores, as I work near one, and my wife works near another. There isn’t one in the town where we actually live.
A couple months back the Manager in Carrollton got me to sign up for the blockbuster Movie Pass. Sounded like a good idea. Basically $24 or $25 a month, no charge to rent the movies. After renting a few you start saving money. I usually rent three or four a week, so that works out pretty well.
Two weeks ago I was in Villa Rica (the one my wife uses), and I decided to rent three videos. The conversation went something like:
“You have $8 in late charges.”
“No, I haven’t rented anything in awhile, I did have three dollars worth a couple of weeks ago, but I paid that in Carrollton, nothing else has been late, so I shouldn’t owe anything. Besides, I thought you guys no longer have any late charges.”
The guy typed some shit in and said “Ok, no problem. The videos are $12”
“I have the movies pass, how can the movies be $12?”
“The movie pass is only good at the store where you purchased it”
“Why didn’t someone tell me that when I bought it?”
“Guess someone wasn’t doing their job. $12, please”.

Fuck Blockbuster. What a ripoff. That is the last time I have used them. There are a couple of mom and pop video stores here in town, guess they just got my business. Blockbuster is convenient becuase it is a block from work, and I like to do business with the other shops around my store, but they can kiss my ass. I am going to stop in today and cancel the fucking movie pass. They are a business and can operate any way that they want to, that does not particularly bother me, but if they are going to have rules like this, they should be explained to people, or at least fucking posted somewhere. Kiss my ass Blockbuster, you and your “No more late fees” bullshit.