Meedio, Winamp, and iTunes

Finally got Meedio to play M4P’s purchased using iTunes. I ended up using a Meedio plugin that uses Winamp as it’s music player, rather than the stock music player. Then I downloaded the M4P input plugin for winamp and installed that. I also had to do a new import that would find the music in m4p format, since the stock plugin does not. Sounds like a lot of work, bt it actually was not. It is much quicker than the stock player, and I have always loved winamp.

I would have preferred native support for M4P, but I think that they are more worried about the TV crap than something only a few people have requested. I am using BeyondTV, which blows away MeedioTV.

Update – The only problem I have found with this is controlling it when the music library is across a network. I am in the process of miving all 24 gigs of music onto my htpc, that should speed it up greatly. I am getting ready to go to bed, may post more tommorow on this.