Computer Hell

Managed to get one computer going. Had to replace the modem, and do a wipe and reinstall of 98se. Now that I have been running 2000 or XP since the beta versions in 99 I hate Windows 98. The second PC was worse. I have replaced the hard drive and done a reinstall (several days ago), but then the PSU fan went out. Dug out and old AT PSU from my basement, it won’t work. Will have to look and see what I have this afternoon.

I ended up pulling the hard drive out of my HTPC. Luckily it is still under warranty from Maxtor. Should have a new HD in a couple of days. Lost a bunch of TV shows, mainly kids stuff though. The only ones that make a big difference to me are the entire Farscape library, and I have them on a networked drive. Think I will see about backing those up tonight just to be on the safe side. My neighbor brought his computer over last night. Looks like his CD drive is fried, so he tried to take it apart to clean it (haha), and hooked the ide cables up backwards and couldn’t get it to boot. Will pick up a CD today and swap it out for him this evening I guess.

Anna has a performance at the PTO meeting tonight, so I may not get as much done as I though I would.