TV Blues

The damn television quit working a couple of days ago. Not too big of a deal to me, except for a few shows, but a very big deal for stephanie. As I also use it as a front end for my music server, I did want it fixed. Picked up a Sharp 27″ with component input. The only problem is that I can’t get the fucking resolution set correctly to work right, so I have it run in through S-Video. Still a very sharp picture, much better than my ten-year old set that went balls-up. Meedio and BeyondTV show up on it great. Listening to the newest Queens of the Stone Age right now, they kick ass. I also got some speakers as part of the deal, unfortunately I don’t have a receiver right now, and don’t want to fuck with the extra modifications I would need to do to get it to work with my sound card. Maybe I can find a decent receiver on ebay later on in the month. I need to pay off a $3k balance to Chris’ school before any purchases. Put the TV on Best Buy so I can wait a month or two before I pay for that, other than mimimum payments.