5 Year old handcuffed

I just watched this video of a little black girl throwing a tantrum at school and tearing things up. Looks as if school officials handled things perfectly, even to the point of having the cops arrive. The thing is, the smart thing to do would be for the principle to give her a good whacking on the ass, and if she would not calm down, tie her ass toa chair until a parent showed up. The big problem with that is that then the parent would have sued the shit out of them, the teacher and administrator would have lost their jobs, and some stupid mutherfucker like Cynthia Mckinney would have even more stupid fucking laws passed.
So basically, even though it Shouldn’t have taken three police officers to cuff her and calm her down,, IT HAD to be that way, for their LEGAL protection, as well as the schools. The real criminal here is the mother, who apparently expects the schools to teach her child how to act since she obviously didn’t. And of course the stupid bitch already has a lawyer. At least if she wins a lawsuit she might get off fucking welfare for awhile.