Jessica Marie Lunsford

This report had a bit of information about the murder of this little girl that I was not aware of, like the fact that she was buried alive. That fucker Couey needs to have the fucking skin flayed from his body and then be chained to 285 right near the 75 interchange where there is no shade and 8 lanes of fucking death just waiting for him. That or a good red-hot poker shoved up his fucking ass.
Jessie Buried While Alive, Documents Say

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  1. I like the latter for starters. I haven’t been able to write on this one as I am unaccustomed to such rage, but one thing is certain, death is too merciful.

  2. I agree with that. I may be an asshole and a lot of other things but children are special and should not be fucked with (literally and figuratively ).

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