Jennifer Wilbanks

Ran across this comment from Velociman over at Key Issues: –“Personally, I think he’ll drop her, but he can’t get his 15 minutes of fame on the talk show circuit by walking away now.“–
And that us where the whole problem lies. Yes, she screwed up. Yes, she cost the tax-payers (City of Duluth) some dough. That is an issue that the city will have to take up with her. The big problem as I see it is that the media got all whipped up in a fucking Lacey Peterson frenzy, hoping that this would be the new murder flavor of the week, and she dissapointed millions of Americans by not being found cut up into 100 little bitty pieces. Now everyone is pissed. Does anyone really truly believe it is because she took off to another state. It’s certainly not the first time that a woman (or man) disa-fucking-peared before the wedding. Who gives a fuck. Oh yeah, all of those stupid fucking Survivor American Idol addicted Michael Jackson Trial watching redneck motherfuckers around America that are just waiting for someone else to screw up REALLY BIG so that they can feel better about themselves and their pitiful
non-attractive sitting in fromt of the TV lives. Well fuck you and all of your reality shows too.
Key Issues

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  1. Send the bitch to jail. She’s a freak that cost taxpayers money that did not need to be spent on her “disappearance”. Get life, dog face.

  2. Has anybody thought to ask who she was shacked up with in Las Vegas and New Mexico? I think she probably already had several hard ones before she decided to come back home to GA. But even with that classic “deer in the headlights” look, she reminds me just enough of an old girlfriend that I’d pin her legs back like a Tyson chicken and give her what for.
    As for the “taxpayers,” quit yer whining. Lots of tax money is wasted every day. I mean, take a look at Iraq. It’s like paying for crappy entertainment, whether you want to or not.
    So leave the poor girl alone. She’s obviously dumb as a box of hammers.

  3. The Ballad of the Runaway Bride
    She left for Vegas without making fuss
    She cut off her hair and then ran for the bus
    She left behind the ring and the love of her life..
    She had no intention of being his wife.
    600 guest and a lifetime of hell
    She had no desire to hear wedding bells
    In the bright lights of Vegas her sorrows she drowned
    With a smile and bug eyes she started painting the town
    4 days and 3 nights was not near enough fun
    So she headed for Alberquerke and a life on the run.
    They carried her story on the late news at ten
    then she started worry when she watched CNN..
    She ran out of reasons and money to fly
    She dialed 911 and started to lie..
    Now this is the story of the Run Away Bride
    The Police brought her home and want to know why?
    I saw her boyfriend and all I can say..
    at least now I know why the girl ran away
    All rights Reserved
    2005 (c)Stan Bernard

  4. Check out some of the most recent footage, I think over at MSN. She has a decent pair of hooters, although probably fake from the look, considering her age. Could be one of those situations when the bra comes off and the laws of gravity take charge.

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