One of the last times that I saw my friend Chris was at the funeral for another friend, a few years back. I remember saying something along the lines of him being a fat drunk. At least the fat part, maybe I just thought the drunk part. Either way, I felt that he was fucking up his life and that was the only way that I could say anything at that point. That was the very last thing I have said to him, and I sincerely regret it. I don’t make friends very easily, but I make them for life. I have a lot of acquaintances (sp?), but not very many friends.
The time before that, I had gone to Atlanta for a week to work (Stephanie and I were both in school at WGC at that time). Chris and I hooked up, and ended up going out to Buckhead. He drove. We went to some place called The Cavern. With me being the two-beer wonder that I am, I was pretty shitfaced. I know that he had to be as well. We ended up closing the damn place down. When we left, I know it had to be pretty late, because there was literally NO traffic on the road, which was a pretty fucking good thing. I somewhat remember Chris getting us a couple of blocks, before we saw blue lights. Chris knew he was going to jail, so told me to call his mom. I couldn’t even remember my fucking name at that point, so calling anyone was not an option. The officer gave me the choice of joining him (Chris), or vacating the car and getting the fuck out of Dodge. I chose the latter. I woke up at some point the next morning, asleep in the fucking bushes next to a restaurant on Peachtree Road. Still fucked up, hung over as hell. Caught Marta to my parents house, which is where I was staying at the time. I think that Chris must have gotten in touch with his mom, I DID NOT. Pretty shitty thing, but not the first asshole thing I have ever done.
Did I mention the fact that we were roommates off and on for several years. We were fucking tight. He is my son Christopher’s godfather. When we had him christened (what catholics call baptism) Chris was in Guam at the time, so we had someone else stand in as proxy, but the spirit was the same. Christopher is also named after him.
I Need to get in the shower and go to work as I am starting to cry, and think I will put that shit off for another time.