Schapelle Corby found guilty

Think the drug laws here are bad? Try taking a trip to Bali with a bit of weed. Obviously she was smuggling, but damn. Guess it could be worse, she could have gotten the fucking death sentence. – Fury at?Bali drugs verdict – May 27, 2005

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  1. This is to the Indonesian ambassador in Australia from a non Australian.
    I saw you speaking about that postage on CNN today, I conceived from the gist of your saying that there are similar people every where and, I deducted that you were trying diplomatically to create a sort of similarity and sameness between Australians and Indonesians, and you were trying to calm the Australians who are concern about the bad situation of Ms Corby.
    Regarding this very matter, I would like to express my idea:
    Australians had already proved that they wanted to see you as fellow humans. My strongest reason is the amount of help and money which they offered to Indonesia compared to that offered by the wealthiest Islamic country of Saudi Arabia (I think it was only 10 million if I wasn’t wrong).
    Also, I would like to add that the whole collective help of the Islamic countries as your fellow Moslem countries was not comparable to Australian helps.

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