More Jennifer Wilbanks horseshit

The moral of the story is that if I act fucking stupid, break the law, and generally make life difficult for the rest of my family I can be somewhat wealthy. Stupid fucking bitch. Just what my kids need to learn. – ENTERTAINMENT
“Runaway Bride” Jennifer Wilbanks is close to a six-figure book deal with Regan Books, the New York Daily News’ Lloyd Grove writes. Wilbanks, 32, and her fianc?, John Mason, also are working on a movie-of-the-week deal and a network television interview – both likely with NBC and the latter possibly with Katie Couric.

2 throughts on "More Jennifer Wilbanks horseshit"

  1. All of the honest and hardworking people living a good life should resent her. She should have to give that money to a hispanic charity. She is greedy, small minded and selfish and now we are rewarding her. How sick!

  2. Sounds like there are too many people around the world that have too much time on their hands to judge others. I went to high school with Jennifer and I can attest to the amazing demeanor and morals this girl had for many years. She made a mistake, and do you honestly believe that her decisions were because she thought she would get a book deal out of it, I am not sure that this is a reality. We all make mistakes, just remember when you are talking about someones character and their decisions in life what others would think of all the unpleasant and ill minded decisions you have made in your life were all put on national TV. How many friends would back you up????????????????????

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