June 14, 2005

Foo Fighters

I pre-ordered the Foo Fighters new album on iTunes a few weeks ago. I was released today, so I went ahead and downloaded it. I was never a huge Nirvana fan, they are ok, and the same goes for the Foo Fighters. They are pretty good, but not GREAT. The new album is actually pretty…Read more

Holy Koran, Batman!

The AnarchAngel: Team Infidel Oh my god, check this out. DO NOT VISIT if you are easily offended, or a follower of Islam. Thanks to Toys in the Attic (formerly North Georgia Dogma) for the link. I haven’t laughed this hard all day.

The runaway bride pays her dues :p

People Weekly: Putting Things Right: Facing charges and seeking psychological help, runaway bride Jennifer Wilbanks writes a check to her city.(Update)@ HighBeam Research Money may not buy happiness but, as Jennifer Wilbanks can attest, it can cover the down payment on a little peace of mind. On May 31, a month after Wilbanks, 32, made…Read more

Crime in Aruba

Just some articles and links to crime in Aruba that is supposed to be non-existant. Some of them, mind you, are a few years old, therefore may not apply, but should at least clear up the myth that there is no crime in Aruba. The Evening Standard (London, England); 4/1/2004 A BARBER who was unmasked…Read more

Dressing for the occasion

One of my employees came in to pick up her paycheck yesterday afternoon dressed like this . When she came in I though that she had her fucking nightgown on. I don’t have a problem with different clothing, but there are places where it is appropriate and where it is not. I would certainly not…Read more