The runaway bride pays her dues :p

People Weekly: Putting Things Right: Facing charges and seeking psychological help, runaway bride Jennifer Wilbanks writes a check to her city.(Update)@ HighBeam Research
Money may not buy happiness but, as Jennifer Wilbanks can attest, it can cover the down payment on a little peace of mind. On May 31, a month after Wilbanks, 32, made headlines as the “runaway bride,” her lawyer handed over a check for $13,249.09 to the city of Duluth, Ga., to help cover the costs of the police search conducted after she bolted days before her April 30 wedding. In exchange for Wilbanks’s cash, the town–which devoted an additional $30,000 in manhours to the case–won’t sue for the full bill. “We’re not whining,” says Duluth mayor Shirley Fanning Lasseter. “Now we can get this over and behind us.”