Van Der Sloot arrested

Paul Van Der Sloot, the father of suspect Joran Van Der Sloot was arrested about 2pm. I can’t decide if all of these people actually have information that they are hiding, or if the dutch system of law is just fucked up and they arrest everyone even remotely connected to the case. Hell, I am blogging about it, good thing I am not in Aruba or I might be in fucking jail right now.
In other related news, a search and rescue team from Texas and their dogs seem to be there, and will get started searching for her soon. Hopefully they will find some clues in her disappearence (sp?). – Judge arrested in Aruba case – Jun 23, 2005

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  1. Why not include all races, why is it always the refernce to blacks???? We are all Human Beings, yes there is a lot of attention here, but it was started by that Island, for their economy revolves around tourism and it wouldn’t matter who was lost.If this is not solved this Island is “MUD”. The focus should be on these people in custody and the father of one who seems to being using his power to protect his obviously guilty son. If this happened in Miami Beach with 3 people in custody it would have been solved already, period!

  2. Wow!! Classy people…cussing like you do. Can’t we focus on the missing girl, rather than focusing on her color of skin? If she were black?? Give me a break! What a racist person you are. You just don’t care because she is white, hugh? And you critize…did you go to school my friend? Get a clue…there’s a missing girl here…let’s give her all the coverage we can. Don’t bring color into this. Let me guess…you are black?? Get over it already!!!!

  3. you have to be really stupid if you think that race has to deal with this. You have got be REALLY FUCKIN STUPID to believe that shit. It is dumbasses like you that start the whole race card shit and it needs to quit. It is not a white girl out there, it is an American out there that was taken while she was on her senior trip STUPID!!!!

  4. This is an unfair question… because, if Natalie were Black and Poor, she probably would not have been out on a date with the Dutch boy Joran. Therefore, she would not be missing.
    However, if Joran would have been out with a Black/Poor American girl, and her family traveld to Aruba to and speak openly each day about her being missing… it would still receive the same level of press coverage because of the political connection regarding the boy’s father.

  5. Ok seriously…why does it matter what color her skin is or how rich or poor she is. She is missing, thats all that matters. Would you want peole saying shit like that if your daughter, sister, cousin, girlfriend, or friend was missing? No you wouldnt, but you are too ignorant to see that in this situation the typical racist american shouldnt look for color in a situation, they should look for a missing girl, and help the family and everyone else who misses her out…Dont be a racist prick…just help some people out

  6. You stupid idiot. You definately must be black? It doesnt matter what color the girl is,she is an american. And something needs to be done to find her.With all the media down there then there probably will be a cover up on this matter.Whatever happened to her it will make a dramatic impact on their economy.I personally dont think she is dead,with the south american coast only 20 mile boat ride away. She was probably kidnapped for a porn ring.Come on people that Island is only so big dont you honestly think they would have found her body by now??? Ok thats all for that,now back at you punk. Get your facts straight about the white and black thing. The black africans in the 1700 and 1800’s,sold their people into slavery.Yeah the white man had the money to buy them,but all in all it still boils down to greed on both sides. If you live in the U.S. then count yourself lucky that you live in great country. Before you reply with an idiotic comment just keep one thing in mind. My people the American Indian was here before the white or black. So to you blacks quit your stupid ass whining and get on with life.You are a free man just be glad the south didnt win the war.

  7. You obviously don’t research much of the bullshit that comes out of your mouth or you would know (from the pics and my posts) that I am a white southerner. I am glad that the blacks were freed during the war, but that was not the reason behind the war between the states, as anyone that has done a very small bit of reading could tell you. It was all about the industrialization of the north vs. pretty much the states in the south who were still relying on agriculture. It was also about States rights, which Lincoln royally fucked up, and screwed the Constitution at the same time.

  8. Did the police ever check The Van Der Sloot home for any type of evidence, or Natalies scent in the home?? After all the motrher was away……………….

  9. Hey Tom, you are an absolute fucking idiot! If you dont like what the people before us did, then cry about it you pussy. Why bring up the whole white/black thing anyway? Why cant you just say there is an American out there somewhere and we need to find her. You fuckin Redneck southern hick ass motherfucker

  10. Arguing is one thing, but once you descend into name calling, that isn’t cool. Steve, I think you meant to respond to me rather than to Tom, once I look at the comments, his comment (and name is above mine). If you really want to descend into a name-calling flame war, that’s ok but you should at least supply your email address first. Oh, here it is:
    So do you just connect from the US Air Force Flight Test center, or do you work there? If you are in the Air Force, I deeply appreciate your hard work in defending our rights, even though it may not be something you personally don’t believe in. That having been said, you have kind of hit the limit of my troll patience.

  11. I just get really tired of hearing people talking about the race card everytime something happens with anyone. If they are white, the only reason people talk about it is because she is white. If they are any other color, then they dont get as much attention as others do. It is crap and I get really tired of hearing it. That is all, no disrespect meant, just tired of it all.

  12. While I detest your use of language, I can understand your feelings to a point. Each and every missing child should be of concern to EVERYONE in our country. Black, White or Purple, all children matter. As a society, we should be demanding coverage for these children. John Walsh has brought us a long way…but society needs to demand more. We now have Amber alerts and much more coverage than ever before. This is where we part opinions. The Natalie Holloway investigation is different because her assumed murder did not take place here in America. It took place in a country whose economics we Americans contribute greatly. We help put bread and butter on their plate and they are blatently thwarting this investigation. If Natalie went missing here she would have the FBI and the Nation Centers for Exploited and Missing Children to help her. Natalie has no one in that government interested in helping to bring her home to be buried. The only chance that family has is to keep the cause in the news to put pressure on the Aruba government. It is a cover-up. If this situation was being covered up in this country…people would be SCREAMING about it. So please share your opinions but realize this is a very different situation.

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