there’s a sinister feeling brewing
bout a women and her non-stop yap
in a couple weeks she’ll be stewing
bait the hook of a tender trap spend
your money on countless reasons
brick-a-brack that cannot be used
snivel on the ground that she walks on
give an inch and that women wants two
the trouble today with women
the mouth don’t stop
there’s an older one yakity-yack
husband’s credit cards let her shop
there’s a younger one gums keep flappin’
will the jawbone never stop
there’s an older one she need screwin’
never in your life no not me
will the women’s mouth never cease
the trouble today with women
the mouth don’t stop

22 throughts on "Fear"

  1. i know what you need, i know just the woman, yes she will sit there and just stare at you, wont mumble a word, if you say stay here until i return she will, if you say ,dont say a word, she will, she wont spend your money, she wont complain, she’ll listen to your everyword without interruption, you know why? because she’s the woman you want, but you’ll have to buy plenty of airfreshner, because you’ll only find her in the graveyard, dig her up and take here home to poppa, just the kind of girl to take home to momma.

  2. Great WW post…it’s so sad to think of all of those young men and women we have lost over the past seven years in Iraq.
    I hadn’t heard of the Wednesday Hero blogroll. Sounds like a great thing, so I’ll be sure to check it out!

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