Divers Come Up Empty in Aruba Search

Divers Come Up Empty in Aruba Search – Yahoo! News
One thing that I have noticed is that since there is no new BIG news that seems to be forthcoming from Aruba, any news about Natalie or the search seems to be getting relegated (sp?) to somewhere other than the front page. I really hope that they don’t let this die down. Regardless of my nasty comments that are supposedly racist (although it is mostly white people that are calling me a racist) I do want to see her found, alive OR dead, so that her family can find some kind of closure.

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  1. I am a 22-yr old, college-educated white female and agree that Natalie Holloway’s dissappearnace (although tragic) would not have received such publichity had she not been the following, respectively: 1. attractive, 2. young, 3. white, 4. high socioieconomic status. These four components determine the amount of media coverage and have been supported by SCIENTIFIC RESEARCH.

  2. Yes, but most of the idiots that have been posting responses to me basically calling me a racist for stating the same thing (not in quite as succinct a manner as you) don’t believe in scientific research. They only believe what they have read on the Internet, seen on TV, or been told to believe by the socialist moonbats.

  3. Regardless of what comments you made in the past, you just stated the most important thing. Let Natalie be found for her parent’s sake.
    When my brother died at least my parents had a body to bury and could mourn, I could not imagine the toll that a disappearance would take on them.

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