Counting down the days

   I am about a month overdue for my vacation and I can tell. As my wife would say, I am so stressed that I want to bite the heads off of little children. That would count about 90% of my damn employees because they are children in maturity if not fact.

   Don’t know if I am going to be going anywhere or not. I wanted to at least go to Savannah for a day or two, and maybe Jacksonville. Originally it was the Redneck Riviera, but I figure if I go down to the gulf a Hurricane would come along for sure. I had to put my car in the shop last month and paid for it on my Amex, and now the $1800 bill is due. I should have enough to pay it from my check this friday, but that means no damn money for two weeks. I think that Amex lets you roll purchases over $250 to the next month if you have to, so maybe I will pay half of it and go out of town for a day or two. Need the R&R.

   The really cool thing is that the way my days off go (6 on 2 off) this is my weekend off, I return Monday, and start my vacation on Tuesday. W00t!! I thought about trying to skate by with an 11 day vacation, but my boss won’t get a day off while I am gone, so I told her I would work for her Monday. Will still be like a vacation even working that day.

   Someone left an iPaq at work a couple of weeks ago. I have had it sitting in my safe since, waiting for someone to pick it up. Pretty soon and the damn thing will come home with me. It is a pretty sweet upgrade considering I have been using a Palm V forever. I’llo sell that bastard on eBay and use the ipaq. Very cool. Wifi, headphones, MMC card, etc.