Getting ready to head to Panama City. Just had to come in and burn a CD for the trip. Cya

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  1. hi,
    im mick from england, united kingdom.
    first of all, my thoughts and prayers are with natalie’s parents, i have been following this terrible story from when i was on holiday in florida back in june, i truly beleive that those scumbag boys had everything to do with natalie going missing, and as for the boys father, he is as guilty as they are, you see them on the telly and they have got guilt writen all over their faces, i truly believe in, what goes around comes around, they will get what is coming to them, execution is too good for them, i say feed them to the sharks, see how they like it.

  2. Corona is the drink of choice for me in Panama. I loaded the cooler with a couple to have some on ice just in case I didn’t get to stop once I got there (which was a good idea since I didn’t roll into town until 2am).

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