Yesterdays Drowning

Never was able to connect from the hotel, so everything will pretty much get posted once I get home.
I have not watched the local news this morning, so everything that I know about the drowning is pretty much hearsay. I was feeling like shit last night after supper, so I walked the baby and myself back to the hotel. There were a couple of firetrucks, police, and an ambulance. The ambulance pulled out of the hotel before I got there. Rurh and I headed up to the room,and sat out on the balcony for a while. Everyone on the beach was just milling around and there was a police vehicle with it’s lights on. Apparently some kids got caught in a rip current, someone swam out to help them. The person who swam out drowned, and one of the others was still missing.
When Stephanie and the kids got back to the room, she I?d that someone had been pulled out of the water and was being given CPR.
It’s all really pretty sad. One of the things that I tried to impress upon the kids when we got here is that the currents are much stronger than in Hilton Head, and to stay close.
As I am sitting here, it looks like the purple flag is up, which I believe means Shark. Once Stephanie and the kids get up we will probably go for a swim anyway. I am not sure, as She seemed pretty upset last night.
Otherwise we have had a nice couple of days, and I am considering lengthening the trip.