Last Day of Vacation

I always hate the last day. Still have too much that I want to do, and need to make sure I can get it done and still get to bed early. I usually spend the first couple of days awake by 6am, but by the time my vacation is over, I am having a hard time getting up by 8-9am. Don’t need to wake up at nine tommorow, considering that I have to be at work by 6:30am. That would just make for a real shit day, especially considering that my boss is off tommorow, which pretty much leaves me running the district. Damn.

Stephanie is outside starting to clean the rental. Have to return it this morning, then get Ruth enrolled in a fucking daycare. Have a bunch of yardwork to do, and I have been fooling around with and tweaking my home automation stuff. Running the beta test for Homeseer 2, and there have been some issues with my setup. I just need to finish my coffee and get my ass cracking I suppose. Inertia has sort of set in the last few days.