How I spent my summer vacation

Actually it was only a few hours, but it sucked nonetheless (is that actually even a word). Has to drive to Norcross tonight to cater something at our office, but got ensnarled (I loke that one too) in this fucking mess. Two cars and four tractor trailers tied it up and at least one person has died. That is the really sucky part. I can deal with traffic, but it sucks thats someone had to die. I hate taking 285 anywhere, and this just makes me not want to get anywhere near it. Needless to say, I never made it to Norcross. 45 minutes after I should have been there, I was sitting 1/4 mile from the South Cobb exit. Got off, went the fuck home. Luckily we got in touch with the people at the office and they took care of it. I didn’t understand why one of the management teams from Atlanta weren’t taking care of this in the first place, rather than us having to drive 75 fucking miles so that we could stand outside in 100 degree weather and grill stuff for 170 people anyway. I will readily admit that we have the best team in the company, but they can’t all be nucking forons.