As I’ve posted before, I don’t watch a whole lot of television. I was over at HBO’s web site to see when the new season of Sopranos (one show that I do watch) begins, and saw that they have renewed Deadwood for a third season. Cool beans. It is supposed to start production later this year and air sometime in 2006.

HBO: Deadwood

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  1. I still can’t decide if they cuss more than I do or not. Most of the time I suppose, but when I get on a rant or start whining it’s gonna be pretty close.

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  5. Yeah – there is a lot going on here by mom. You are right about talking to law enforcement – there is just something wrong with the way she is acting.

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  8. does anyone think maybe she has sold the baby to the real dad or the real dads parents if he is dead.they may be gonna pay her well for there dead sons only child. its a thought

  9. No she didnt sell the baby,shes to smug,if she thought for a second that Caylee was out there somewhere she’d be terrified because of the reward amount,she knows exactly where she is,i mean really do yall see any expression or concern whatsoever,and did yall see the pics when she left home to go to baez’s office and when she left,totally hid,that damn baez aint nothing but a daggone liar like everyone else around casey right now,i can see her saying somethinng like that,and i can also see pink elephants with wings………….and as far as baez saying she whispered in his ear? LMAO…….he pulled her head up,notice when you watch it,if you haven’t already but he has her head in his elbow and you can see what hes doing,now he claims thats when she said that but when he told the media that day just before they got to the car he said she told him before”””’ they came outside,lol hes a damn fool,IMO
    does anybody here know baez’s daughters name,i did but i forgot it,the reason i am asking is theres a new profile at in caseys class by the name of i think brittany, Baez,,,,,maybe christy,shoot i’m ole forgive me,but i just wondered,thats all you can do in this case is wonder,everybody lies !!!!!

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  11. It always amazes me how people who are constantly seeking the press for whatever their reasons, then get angry when the cameras aren’t so quick to go away when they want them to. It’s interesting how Cindy Anthony (the one who called the police on her daughter in the first place), now is her biggest supporter and “seems” to believe every work the girl says…the love of a parent can be blind, i suppose.
    As far as Casey Anthony is concerned, i work with a young man who went to school with Casey in Orlando and says she just always seemed to be “a little crazy” and was always exaggerating…doesn’t seem much has changed since high school!

  12. I really hope they find this little girl soon (whatever the end results may be). I live in Louisiana and I have a 3 year old daughter. I took her to the store to buy a treat last week and later that night the sheriff was knocking at my door. Someone had taken down my license plate number because my little girl and caylee could almost pass for twins. Although it was a bit scary for me and my family, I’m so glad that people are paying attention to what is going on in the media and are doing something about.

  13. Check out some of the photos I’ve posted recently of my five year old. She also bears an uncanny resemblance to some of Caylee’s photos. Enough so that one of my friend’s co-workers asked if it was her.
    I am also very glad they are paying attention. If Caylee is still alive she could be anywhere.

  14. Jill,
    you said it!!
    I sick of them,it amazes me that cindy wanted her in jail for stealing her car and money but not for IMO killling her own child,that whole bunch gives liars a bad name…lol
    Thats what ive been screaming forever is that heck fire,we didnt know casey lied,didnt even know her till the story broke and here comes the headlines..Beautiful 2 yr old missing and”Moms family and friends say she is a liar???” and now that nobody beleives her they hate us..sheeeesh!! And i can honestly see why she’s a nut,its in the genes!!
    But hopefully after this new stuff was released they’ll be world war 2008 in that house,and somebodys going to get to heated not to say something!! Usually thats not good but in this case,i hope they do b/c thats the only way it’ll ever be found out as to what happened and Caylee will finally get justice!!
    they need to lock them all up,I’ll tell you one thing,caseys a damn good argument for birth control!!
    Richard,i swear i thought that when i first saw the pix but i thought,should i or shouldnt i say it?? LoL…….She does really…………………… the same time too i thought if”george & cindy see her they’ll sure be some flashes going off!!”
    Heidi,Yes it shows people are aware and looking,that was good to know,ty!!
    If the family would forget casey for awhile and focus on the real victim here theyd see le and media are currently searching,but with
    all the lies theyve forgotten,not us!!


  16. That’s what caught my eye on this story in the first place. Most of Caylee’s pictures don’t really look that much like her but that one where she is resting her head on her hands that is all over the place is eery it looks so much like her.

  17. That is really interesting that the landfill is so close to their home. Did you get a chance to see the update from WFTV? They are saying that the DNA pretty much confirms that it was indeed Caylee. How terrible. What I am wondering about is if the ‘stain’ was Caylee’s blood, doesn’t that mean that the body had to be placed in the trunk of the car very shortly after death? If it was an accident, wouldn’t there be a period of attempting to revive the child before the realization of death occurred? I found a very interesting document that gives insight into CSI forensic work.,M1

  18. I really had mixed feeling when hearing the news regarding the “air test” from the vehicle coming back indicating a cadaver was inside. Of course, i was saddened by the probability that this precious child is most likely dead, and my heart aches for Caylee’s grandparents. However, i am happy to see they are finally coming up w/some evidence to use against this girl who, i think, we all have known must have done something to her daughter. It seems Casey Anthony has been able to get away with alot in her life with her persistent lies…my greatest hope is that she will not be allowed to get away with taking the life of her own child.
    My gut feeling is that this was some freak accident that this young, immature, selfish mother decided to attempt to cover up instead of doing what any sane, normal parent would do in the same situation. But, the fact that she has continued the cover up with her deceptions, not having any sense of guilt or remorse for the unimaginable pain she sees her parents and others enduring, should increase whatever charges/penalties she may face in this case. Now, we pray for this little girl’s soul and her loving (if misguided) grandparents!

  19. what the police should do is take her into a room and start beating the crap out of her until she started to talking. and i bet that she would let everyone know where that poor little angael is. shes no mother she is an evil person. who those she think she is holding back informatin that would help to bring back this this little angel. i beg of you. let the police know what happend. pls. pls. pls!

  20. I tend to agree with you but once that line is crossed there is no turning back. The next beating might be you when you going through the next traffic stop.

    “Mr Morgan, we had reports of a child molester driving a car like yours. step your ass out of the car for just a minute…”

    Protections for criminals are there for a reason, mainly to protect the rest of us who are innocent.

  21. Well,ill tell you Guys….I AM ANGRY as Hell,
    have been during the entire thing and when i saw her in that T-shirt OMG i wanted to strangle the life right out of her for wearing it and cindy for making her wear it but,
    Remember,big white glasses,back pack,sneakers and i am telling you now whoever (and i highly suspect baez & cindy) had her do that is as capable of murder as she is………that is a damn disgrace,theyve covered for that tramp the entire time and now dressing her like Caylee to get sympathy from media,and a potential jury,i pray to God above that she goes back to jail and has not one second of peace for the rest of her sorry ass no good trashy trampy wanna be mother but dont know how child killing spoiled little bitch whore of a low life,good argument for birth control piece of pure shit of a nothing important sleazy whiny ass BITCH life !
    Did i mention I WAS ANGRY!!!

  22. Richard i agree,i think leonard wanted to help too,and i am certain by some way he was contacted by baez or someone baez knows to come in the 1st place,thats what ive heard……..
    But baez never once told him he couldnt speak to casey before’ he bonded her out,
    and the important thing is atleast he is revoking it and i guess i’d just as soon see anybody else get publicity as for them too and lying the whole time about it!
    p.s have you all seen the blog that cindys brother wrote,puts light on alot!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I believe every word he said b/c we knew there ha to be something they were hidin.

  23. I still think it’s weird that almost everyone said the last time they saw Caylee was on the 9th, even some friends said that.IMO everyone knew what was up, or Casey told them to say the 9th. The whole email scandals, I don’t think she was alone, I think someone else played along with her and made up fake email addresses and names. I’m still saying, she’s not that smart to do all this, or do all of it alone. Casey said they were going to live together in the Oveido house (cause that’s where Casey supposely had her mail sent to early) but she doesn’t mention this at all in the documents. She only mentions that she was suppose to live in the grandparents house. If you look up Oveido house, it’s also a vacation house you can rent in St. Augustine, FL. I agree with the Cindy knowing something. Like others have said, she didn’t hear from Casey in over 30 days or seen her, but she told everyone that she talked to Casey on a daily basis and that everytime she asked to speak to Caylee, there was an excuse. Did they even call her back on the 16th (I think it was) when Casey called them over and over again? The sad part is, no one even knows when she died. The only reason why they are giving her the immunity is cause they want the body and the child to lay at rest. I already know she’s going to say it was an accident (forcing someone to be under water will look like she drowned instead) and she’s going to plead insanity (that’s why she’s acting like she’s bi-polar and on another planet). Did you guys see in the documents she was driven to the hospital from Jessie because of a seizure?! WTF kind of 22 year old has seizures? Obviously that’s what makes her screwed in the head.She probably od on drugs on told Jessie it was a seizure. Anyways, if the police say it’s Caylee that was decomposing, at least we will know that it was before the June 30th when she passed, because that’s when the tow people had the car.

  24. Thanks for the link I have read it as a matter of fact, over at the MSN groups it was taken from. I did post a link to it on one of my updates but no extra info. It has been verified as having been from Rick, Cindy’s brother as well.

  25. I am pretty sure it was between the 16th and 18th of June.
    I have also heard some rumors that Orlando Police have found a body but I honestly don’t know if it was an adult or a child and that it hasn’t been corroborated yet.
    One of the reporters asked the sheriff’s department about it yesterdya yesterday during a press conference but of course they wouldn’t say either way.

  26. All i know is what ive heard and if i am not mistaken,this girl amy,said J.P chat owns the Oveida House and she was tellin a friend in a forum ……..i foret where but she told her that she couldnt fiure out why casey was going to that house that day,to pick up insurance papers i think/?? Dont quote me thouh as im not sure how it was said now but it keeps me confused,and yes ive seen it online and i wonder if this uy wasnt a lover too,she had like 8 at once and ie also HEARD he is Caylees dad!
    Oh god i want to strangle cindy,george and lee and that idiot Baez,has this gotten you guys down as bad as me,i feel like my world is crumbling and i didnt even know this little girl,something else that came to my attention,i do believe in SOME psychics and this one online said she saw her fall down some stairs after her mom pushed her,and its odd that on i believe page 134 and 121 of her interrogation at uniersal casey said yes ive been on those stairs and i foret the other one,so i wonder1
    As i said if i were psychic ill tell you one thing,its a gift from God and to me a real psychic wouldnt ask for money in a case such as this,if they really want to help then help by doing it free so the kids who are missing or ya know,passed away………and the parents and le and all could do what they need to do to punish these people,i can understand mediums if people want to charge or your future and stuff but a true psychic should never charge to give info on a missin child.. its like saying,hey i know where she is,shes not alive now and then b/c you cant pay they refuse to help,,,,,,makes me sick!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Why do they think God gave them this talent?

  27. I posted a link the other day here that had a pic of 2 guys,but the pic came from caseys pix,i may be wrong but having a hard time believing i am on this one,who is the one person we met via caseys video and haent heard one word about him since?
    The jailhouse video stranger!
    and alot of people think she had to have help so anyway go to on Caylees page,scroll to the pics and look at the pic im sure its midway to the right,he has on a green cap turned backwards and glasses but he is a little more shaven and trimmed i mean hair face wise ,and the other guy in the pic has a striped shirt on and they kinda look shady anway!
    let me know what you uys think!

  28. I think this story is so very sad. How could anyone hurt such a precious child? I don’t believe Casey, think she is a big tramp and has trouble with telling the truth. What is so disheartening is that the parents can’t wake up and pull thier heads out of the @#% and help the police. I understand their obligation or the desire to support their daughter but I agree with the majority here and their comments, they know more and are hindering the investigation. I don’t believe the police are looking for a child but a body now. Hopefully for all concerned and the rest of the US who have been following this story, they will find the babies body. I say thow the book at Casey. I pray for all of the family members and hope for the parents to get out of denial and stop enabling their daughter, for the sake of their grandchild, Caylee. 🙁

  29. I, for one, am getting so frustrated by this case. It seems like the more evidence they develop against her, someone else is coming to her rescue by bonding her out. I get that these people aren’t doing this for altruistic reasons, but for their own purposes–15 mins. of fame most likely. As far as the parents go, i continue to sincerely feel for the conflict they’re experiencing, but am becoming rather frustrated w/them as well, since i believe they could help move this case forward if they weren’t in such deep denial about their daughter. At this point in time, i think finding the truth about precious Caylee should be their priority…however, seems that Casey Anthony and “the truth” have been strangers for a very long time!

  30. A couple of them have been involved, I’ve posted about them. One of them is currently under investigation by the IRS because of all the donations she receives and doesn’t file paperwork for (so I have heard anyway) and the other one is a damned crackpot.
    Don’t know why your comment ended up in spam, but I saw it and rescued. Sorry about that.

  31. the evil that casey exudes is palpable. ive read news about a mother microwaving her child to death and that is indeed abominable, but casey anthony extended her childs torture by drugging her constantly and making her almost a total retard by putting her to sleep with chloroform for god only knows how long.
    she is not insane by any means. if anything she is the textbook example of absolute antisocial and antiauthorative psycopathic liar and killer. she will go to the extremes to get whatever she feels she needs and will even lie to herself to get it.
    if there is a hell then casey anthony will surely go to it. My prayers go out to law enforcement who are actively doing their best to locate Caylee Anthonys remains.

  32. Why has Casey not broken down by now and told the authorities what she knows about the case?
    What kind of a person is she not to have broken down by now with that beautiful little girls face everywhere.
    The little girl is dead and buried and Casey knows what happened to her and she has to live with the fact that little girl will never come home again.
    I am a Psychic and others were involved in this case and Casey is protecting them whether out of fear or loyalty.
    I don’t believe Casey personally killed the little girl but I do believe she had her in the trunk and helped to bury her.
    I see two men involved in this situation and perhaps others.
    I see two men and a woman and I only saw the sandles and her legs and so I would want to know if another woman was there or were they Caseys sandals I saw sitting on the stool with her legs crossed wearing green sandals with a woven beige material covering a wedge heel.
    Remember Casey said she couldn’t talk because her family could be in danger and that may be from the people I see who are involved.
    I don’t believe the parents know anything about this and they just can’t accept the fact the little girl is not coming home and so they pretend she has been kidnapped so they don’t have to deal with the tradegy.
    I heard the words Seminole connected to the case.
    Others have also heard that word.
    I was told Caylee is to the East and I will assume that is east of her home.
    Caylee’s spirit has come in to me from the Spirit World and she is with an older grandfather type and she is safe there with him and she knows exactly what is going on down here and she is not happy that people are abusing her grandparents when they had nothing to do with what happened to her.

  33. wow i dont know who is sicker – casey anthony for extending this tragedy unnecessarily or CVT6702 for coming on here with this pyschic bullshit and having absolutely no respect for a child who has long since been killed and disposed of.
    i see a vision. its of you being an asshole.

  34. bwhahaha.
    I’ve gotten about twenty emails from ‘psychics’ since this started. They all see something different. I see things too but usually that’s after several bourbon and cokes.

  35. Your attitude and that of others about Psychics is exactly why no one has found Caylee.
    I have been helpful in finding the answer to some very big cases, and I have had many opportunities to be interviewed and to be on television and I have declined because of the kinds of information I have gathered about murders that could have gotten me into trouble and put me in danger, when the murders were committed by Organized Crime such as the Murders of President John F. Kennedy and what happened to former Teamster Jimmy Hoffa.
    In fact all the stories I have tried to publish about these murders have disappered without a trace over the years.
    Another example the day Laci peterson disappeared I at first believed like many that she had been kidnapped for her baby but as I meditated I began to see the story, and I saw scott Peterson kill his wife and leave the house with her and dump her into the bay after making several stops along the way.
    Another example is Natalee Holloway, I meditated on her as soon as I heard she was missing and I learned who killed her and what happened to her body.
    I saw three men take Natalie Holloway’s body onto a boat and it was wrapped in something black and she was taken out to sea and thrown into the water.
    I could go on and on, and what I am writing is to say if those who her what Psychics say, would only believe in them and not listen to people like you who don’t know what you are talking about, they would find the answer to these cases a lot sooner.
    what people need to understand is there is a source high in the Universe that a Psychic like me gets in touch with and theyc an get answers and they can look into the past and the future and be very helpful if everyone would come to realize there is life after death and guides with more of the answers than they could ever have here on earth.

  36. So why is it that each of the psychics sees something entirely different? Perhaps they are all charlatans but you see the truth?
    Perhaps you would like to tell us what happened to JFK and Jimmy Hoffa. I’ll make sure the story doesn’t disappear from here.

  37. Psychics in various locations get these stories in bits and pieces at times and they come together like a jigsaw puzzle and if they can compare notes like they will be able to do on the Internet they might be working together more and more to piece these things together and find the solution quicker.
    JFK was as we all suspect killed by Lee Harvey Oswald, but like he said he was a patsy, and in fact Lee Harvey oswald didn’t necessarily want to participate in the Assassination but he was pressured by those who masterminded the Assassination and if he hadn’t complied and agreed to participate he and his Russian Born Wife could have been on a plane to Russia.
    Then as Preplanned Jack Ruby shot Oswald so he couldn’t implicate others.
    After Oswald shot JFK, he then shot a Dallas Police officer os he couldn’t talk and implicate others.
    The body of JFK was commadeered from Parkland Hospital as preplanned so it could be taken elsewhere to have the autopsy done for obvious reasons.
    This is why the Masterminds of the Assassination of President John F. Kennedy were never brought to justice because President John F. Kennedy was killed by people very close to him, and the truth of this story is so shocking that it will be hard for me to convince most people that its true because the Masterminds are so clean looking.
    However the people who made my Manuscripts disappear over the years knows that the things I have written have truly struck a nerve and thats why they have disappeared because these people have control of many things including the press and many other things in America and throughout the World and many of us don’t even know who are members of organized crime and who isn’t, and thats just the way they want it to be.
    Jimmy Hoffa:
    In Psychic movie like pictures much like a technicolor movie, I saw Jimmy Hoffa come out of the Detroit Metro VIP lounge and hurry across the parking lot, then I saw a car with three men pull up and one got out and forced Hoffa into the car.
    After that they drove around and stopped at several homes and Hoffa at this time seemed to be going along and they were talking trying to convince him to agree to something.
    Evidently he wouldn’t go along, and the next thing I saw was Hoffa stripped down to his underwear and he was shot.
    After that I saw them take his tarpoleon wrapped body out of the trunk of a car, in a farm type area and there were many older men with shovels who buried him beneath a clump of trees.
    On the way to the burial spot I looked out the right window and I saw an old amusement park.
    Thats all I know about that.
    I do know who pulled the trigger and the same man who shot Jimmy Hoffa also killed Chicago Mafia Boss Sam Giancanna.
    At this point in time I am not going to add the name of the trigger man again because last time I heard he was still alive, and battling cancer and so he no doubt will be joining some of his victims soon if he hasn’t already.
    I will say the order to kill hoffa came from New York, and people from New Jersey and Detroit made it go off without a hitch.
    Later the spirit world told me while Hoffa was buried on a Farm later that farm became a Housing Development and Hoffa’s body was put there where it will never be found.
    I did hear the words Crystal Lake connected to the Hoffa Case.
    I have many more Psychic Detective Cases and I have more than 23 years of timed and dated notes that I have received as a Psychic and some are about murders and things like that and some are just ordinary Psychic things to prove life after Death.
    What will eventually happen to all this great material after I die is anyones guess, but it would be a shame to have it all go to waste but what with peoples attitudes about Psychics and the Paranormal who knows?

  38. I guess Caylee Anthony is so famous nowadays that every second news item you read is about the issue.
    WE should all start pointing out at only one thing and get a hang of our own lives.
    Law will take its own course and we shouldn’t be acting like job-less retards.

  39. CVT6,
    I cant believe you said his attitude is why Caylees body has never been found,thats silly,
    Forgot caps,sorry but if you psychics can see so much then why isnt she found,hmmm if i were a psychic and knew what happened,id go search as a regular human being and AHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA i found her!!!!!!!!!!! Gale and rose whoever all of em cant find a thing and it aint cause we dont believe,just put your money where your mouth is and find a child for FREE!!!!!!!!!!!!
    case closed!!!!!

  40. I’m not a detective or a psychic, but it’s pretty clear Casey knows where Caylee is, and she’s at fault for her being there! It is a shame there is nothing authorities can do when someone blatently refuses to cooperate when a child’s life is concerned. It’s outrageous what this self-absorbed, girl is putting people through…people more concerned about her daughter than she is, obviously! However, it isn’t difficult to understand how Casey became so narcisistic–her parents appear to protect her from ever taking responsibility for her own actions. I don’t know if Casey is a bonified pathelogical liar or if she has just become accustomed to spinning tails throughout her life that have been readily accepted by those around her? I think that we (the public) are getting a peak inside this dysfunctional family situation that has culminated in the very tragic loss of a child–how very sad…and preventable!

  41. Youre exactly right Jill,shes been mommys baby forever and always got her way,and i think she was very jealous of Caylee!
    I cant wait till she wakes up in prison and realizes what she traded Caylees life for………she is stone cold,she hates cindy…….and i blame evey one of the anthonys,especially after the newest docs. because now we see they knew from day one,they had all this proof and believed casey did it to begin with so that shows they didnt give a damn and they destroyed the evidence!!!!Makes me so mad tthat they feed and give her a bed and roof over her head,when she didnt care enough to tell what she did to Caylee,probably in that damn dumpster………..grrrrrrrrrrr!!!
    Its a disgrace,and if they had made her stay in jail,she would have cracked by now but shes at home with mommy,cindys a fool,if they dropped all charges against casey today,guarantee ya cindy would never see her again,she needs them right now so she’ll keep using them!!
    Oh it just infuriates me!

  42. Why hasn’t anyone checked to see if she fed Caylee to the alligators. If she did they will never find her. they could remove all the alligators from their place and check the lake , secure it someway. then they could put the alligators back or are they scared they’ll be eaten?

  43. Laveta,
    I dont mean to be rude but how would this work exactly??
    Actually gators has been in my mind for a long time now but i dont know how on earth its possible to check every gator??

  44. not once in any of this has casey anthony even inquired about the safety and condition of her child – if i were a mother (and im sure as hell my wife would agree) and my daughter were missing even for a few hours i would be raising the roof and hounding law enforcement as well as doing everything i could in my power to find her right away
    casey anthony is more concerned about trying to establish alibis and hiding evidence to be bothered with the disappearance of her daughter and it infuriates me that she seems to be getting the attention she so craves from everyone thru the media while that little girls body is rotting somewhere or totally eaten by wildlife and shes at home enjoying the menial comforts of a civilized life
    if the law were to overlook the fact that casey anthony had gone thru extreme measures to rid herself of her daughter just as any cold blooded and calculating killer would then i say that our justice system is seriously flawed
    the circumstantial evidence alone should be enough to try and convict her regardless of what excuses her legal counsel try to come up with in the event of her arrest

  45. ILove,
    I think everyone who has heard this story loves Caylee more than her family ever did…………the proof of that is evident!!
    Its easy for someone to say,I love you,miss you,I’m sorry……but it proves nothing except you can actually speak english…….but the proof is in the actions of the words……and as far as i have ever seen this entire time sure doesn’t show me anything!
    and the gp’s are only showing one thing,that is that once again thier baby casey has done nothing wrong……..after listening to ga’s interview i know he knows all he needs to know and that he will never see Caylee again because of casey and i am so glad that he sees it but it really angers me that to defend his Granddaughter he has to hide what he offers to the LE,Thats a shame and it saddens me but he should come out and tell cindy,”look theres all this evidence and untill casey proves to me she had no part in it i will see to it that she pays for what shes done!!


  47. in a conversation with casey and her parents, her mom ask her if the family was in danger or if anyone was threatening her, she said mom just let it go for now, i was wondering if anyone had tried to see what was behind that conversation.

  48. Several days before the body was found little Caylee came in to me from Spirit.
    The virst vision was of caylee stomping down the street from the east carrying two old undressed dolls under her arm as though thse was going to grandmas house.
    the next vision was of her dressed in a pretty dress with a pink ribbon in her hair.
    She disappeared again then returned smiling sweetly like she does in her pictures and a few days later they found the bones.
    These views is to say at first she was mad but as time went on she adjusted in spirit and is with her father and others in the spirit world and now she is much happier and adjusting to things she cannot change.

  49. You may have read the same thing on the internet about the Kennedy Hoffa story because I have been posting it everywhere I can since 2003.
    I made a promise to the Spirit guides that I would get the story out but all the Manuscripts were taken no matter where I sent them and even the tabloids refused to even respond to my stories and so I got me a computer and began telling the story in every website I could and in my Journals and Blogs because I figured the people making my manuscripts disappear can’t stop me from writing the story on the Internet.
    The people behind these murders are organized crime and we all know what can happen if you cross them and the internet is a great place to tell the crime stories involving organized crime because they can’t stop me.
    I did have one E-Mail that showed a man in an island community with a noose around his neck and I traced the E-Mail to some of the people who don’t want this story to ever get out in Manuscript form and the things I have written here are just the tip of the Iceburg.
    I know who, why and where and that is why I am having so much trouble getting the story out because of the mafias crontrol in americ

  50. I believe others are involved in caylee’s death and that Casey is guilty of helping to dispose of the body after the fact and I believe she has been threatened by those responsible for the actual murder.
    Having said that I personally don’t know how she could have gone all this time, and not cracked and told others where the body was and who else was involved.
    I don’t want this case to not be prosecuted to its full extent of he law and I don’t want others to get away with their part in this little girls death and just this morning on the news I heard different arguments about how this case will go and I don’t want the vicious killers of that beautiful little girl to go free.
    Anyone who has read the detectives on Brians Dreams believes that males were involved in the actual killing of Caylee and they also as I do believe there was molestation of a child going on in that situation while they were taking care of that little girl for her mother, and she may have actually trusted them but once she found out the murder had taken place she had to help dispose of the body for her own safety and possibly that of her relatives.
    I believe child porn and drugs are involved in this case and there could be other victims as we know how these people operate in cases like this.
    I can prove nothing because I am a Psychic and I only know what I learn from the guides who can see these things from beyond the veil of death.

  51. I would like to add just one thing. Did anyone notice the redness on the childs hand’s. I did cause I have the same redness. Mine is liver disease that get’s worse if i’m taking the wrong med that hits my liver. Was she being dosed several times in the past, so the mom could go out and have her fun. Sorry I had to add this, but that is the first thing I noticed in picture.

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