I managed to get the old hard drive up long enough to ghost it over to one of the extras. Hopefully I won’t have any more trouble for awhile. It is booting right now. As long as I plugged the usb stuff into the right connectors I will be good to go. Haven’t heard too many complaints about there being no TV, but that wasn’t going to last much longer.

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  1. That is awesome news! I hadn’t heard that they caught the scumbag. Let’s just hope they dispose of him properly. I’m getting tired of the endless legal rights these murderers are allowed. They get more rights than you or I but not a shred of responsibility.

  2. Has anyone compared the emotional responses of the Stepmom and the Bio-mom? The Nancy Grace show dated 9-7-09 showed both side-by-side. The stepmom had tears steaming down her face when she was talking to reporters. She never reached up and brushed them away. She was unconcerned about herself, but continually pleaded with listeners to bring Haleigh home. In comparison with the Bio-mom on the same NG show, the Bio-mom wimpers and whines abount her missing child, but never sheds a real tear. She reaches up to her eyes with a klenex and tries to dig tears out of her eyes. Kinda reminded me of Susan Smith whining to reporters about her beautiful little boys whom she knew was sitting and the bottom of a lake at her own hands. Fake whining, but never any real tears. Have we also forgotten how Casey Anthony constantly whipped her tears (FOR THE CAMERAS)! Someone needs to look closer at the Bio-Mom. When she was asked about questions that she asked Misty about her missing child…her answers weree either..I don’t know or I didn’t ask. The Bio-mom seems to know nothing about her own daughter and seems very unattached. Where was she the night Haleigh went missing. Is anyone looking at the only person that would benefit in the child’s disapperance…The Bio-Mom.

  3. I think that misty and her family knows what happen to haleigh.i think that she went to them for help. that’s why the family is falling apart they thought that the police would believe her lies(there not)misty and her family are getting scared and don’t know should they slip or talk.I just cant believe that Ronald Cummings and his mother can be that blind with misty different storys on what happen and the family sliping up brother lock up untill he tells something,that there is enough to think ther something going on and misty family is keeping it from Ronald!IS Cummings scared of misty?

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