Freedom and Democracy?

I have been a supporter of President Bush since early on. Prior to that, I have voted libertarian (I still do when I have a chance, but during the latest election cycle I voted for more Republicans than usual. Prior to that (my early 20’s), I voted a mix of Democrat/Libertarian.
I have also supported the War in Afghanistan/Iraq that is going on. I firmly believe that we were right in taking out Saddam Hussein. Should have been done in Operation Desert Storm. I think that the Iraqi people should be able to decide for themselves what sort of government that they want. No matter what, minorites and women need to have a voice though. Apparently we are backpeddling on some of this and are going to allow the majority in Iraq to base the constitution on Islam. Of course we have no right to decide what the constitution says, or what it is based upon, but as Americans, we do not have to support the creation of just another islamic based government.
I feel like I have been had. Back to voting libertarian I suppose, even if some of them ARE a bunch of fucking crackpots.
Guardian Unlimited | Special reports | US relents on Islamic law to reach Iraq deal