Something I miss dearly

Since Stephanie quit smoking last year, I used to only smoke in the basement or the bathroom. When I made my feeble attempt earlier this year, and started smoking again, I decided not to subject anyone else to it, and don’t want my damn house smelling like smoke. I have been smoking outside since. One of the things I miss most particularly in the morning is having a cup of coffe, a smoke, and taking a big old healthy dump. Not much better, except perhaps sex.

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  1. My better half quit smoking and chewing this year and I made a very feeble attempt myself to quit the Virginia Slim habit but………..fuck it didn’t work out but I hear ya’…I’m not smoking indoors anymore and I sure do miss it sometimes…I live in Germany and winter is just around the ass will be outside freezing…I think hubby might fix me a nice little set up in the garage though…he’s nicotine free but he still wants me somewhat comfy while I smoke 🙂

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