the 2006 elections

I know that the 2006 elections are over a year away, but here is food for thought. This was actually going to be part of the previous post, but I really didn’t want it to get caught in the shuffle.
Really want a change in the way government performs? Want it to be leaner, and more manageable? Want it to really care about people and do it’s job, and leave us alone to do ours? Vote for someone who doesn’t want to fucking be there Quit voting for lifelong politicians who lie and tell you the only way to to get things done is to elect people that know how Washington works. Fuck these back-stabbing money-grubbing dimwits anyway. Want to get something really done? Cut their fucking pay and retirement benfits to what cops and teachers make. Make the job so fucking miserable that they will work their ass off just to get out. Get rid of all of these fucking federal holidays, and long lunch hours and mandatory this and that. Make it run like a business and put people in charge that know how to run your damn local grocery store. Vote some truckers in, and some bikers, maybe some cops (not the upper brass, just the honest one that lives down the street from you). You know, Mr. Smith goes to Washington, except, they all need to be Mr Smith, or Mr Aerosmith. Hell, vote in a couple of fucking pot smoking patchouli smelling hippy asswipes just for color.