Thursday was my day off, but I still had to drive to Oxford for a meeting/banquet anyway. That sort of sucked. Had a nice meal at this restaurant that we have been using for the last year or so. Received a couple of awards. Don’t really have any place to put them, so they will join the multitude relegated to the basement stack. I prefer cash anyway, particularly when it means spending six hours on my fucking day off. I have another long meeting on monday, this time at the Galleria. Probably won’t get home until 8pm or so on Monday night. At least I already have to work that day.

Listening to the Best of Joe Walsh as I sit here. I forgot how much I have always liked that album. I have to do something about dinner soon. Anna cheered at a game most of the afternoon, and now has gone to a birthday party for most of the evening, so she won’t be joining us tonight. Too bad. T-Bones, potatoes, and maybe a salad, with Sam Adams and Red Stripe.