I quit using Blockbuster quite awhile back after they treated me like they didn’t give a shit if I was their customer or not (don’t have the link, but I posted a couple times about them on the blog). I used a local place up the street from me just to check them out, but the prices are too high, and they don’t have a whole lot of movies to choose from.

Broke down this week and decided to check out Netflix, as they are having a free two week trial. I figured I would be able to watch a movie or two, then decide if I want to pay the 19.99 a month for the service (or 9.99 if I go the route of one movie at a time). I signed up Wednesday night, and put a few movies in my queue. Received them today. So far I am pretty impressed. Very fast. We will either watch them tonight, or rip them to a temporary drive to watch at my leisure later before I get rid of them, and I will mail the DVDs back tommorow. I received A Series of Unfortunate Events, Million Dollar Baby, and National Treasure. Since I only go to the theaters about once a year, I haven’t seen any of them yet. Time to sit back, have a beer and watch some TV tonight. I have someone else doing drawer change for me, so I will not be going back in until tommorow morning.

Since I am on the sunject of the boob tube, I was happy to see that Lost is back on. Also caught this show on called Invasion. It seemed pretty entertaining, I will watch it again once or twice and see if I like it or not. Some kind of alien invasion thing.

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  1. I haven’t set one foot in a Blockbuster since 1997…they treated me horriblely and I have refused to give them my business ever since..

    My dad uses Netflick and he loves it…

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