Last Day (almost)

Today was pretty cool, although it rained most of the day. Kept it a bit cooler, and the Animal Kingdom park was a lot less crowded than it would have been otherwise. Stephanie and the kids are asleep, so that has given me a chance to relax. I did have to spend 30 fucking minutes on the phone with tech support because I could not get back online with the ipaq. Ended up sitting in the lobby and finally was able to connect. I left the phone cable in the room, so had to use their hotspot.
We took a shitload (if you don’t know how much that is, you are not from the south) of pictures. It is a pita to resize them using the fucking stylus, so they will have to wait until I get home this weekend.
We are spending tommorow (our last day) at the Magic Kingdom and will try to finish the stuff that we did not get to do the other day.
More later.