Disney Pics – Day 2

The second day there, we spent at the Magic Kingdom. I think that we were there until about 11pm or so. Left about an hour before they closed. We were all pretty damn tired. The first couple of pics were takien on this little train thing in Tommorowland.

We had lunch at the Liberty Tress Tavern in Frontier Land.

Ruth was her usual charming self.

After lunch we headed for the Swiss Family Treehouse.

Anna pouts whenever we have to do something that she doesn’t like, or isn’t her idea. That is quite often.

A brief stop at a watering hole for Ruth

Then we went through It’s a Small World. Most of us enjoyed it.

The we rode the Mad Hatter’s Tea Party. We all had a good time.

Except for Ruth, who didn’t ride this time.

That was most of the pictures that I took that day, at least the ones that I am going to post.