Hot Smoked Mullet?

I knew that Zonker was out of work and looking for a new career, but I had not realized that he had relocated to my area. I was out for a drive yesterday eveniing and ran across his new barbershop. Everyone come on down and support him by getting one of a variety of styles.

3 throughts on "Hot Smoked Mullet?"

  1. I’d meant for the sign to say “Smoking Hot Mullets”, of course, but I was drunk at the time of writing. Or the time of spray-painting, as the case may be.

  2. The beating continues…

    eAin’t so bad! Ain’t so bad!1 (Actually he posted it this past weekend but I’m a slacker, as we all know.) 1 – The page may take a while to load but that’s only because Richard has boatloads of pictures

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