Cell Hell

I used to hate having a cell phone. I picked one up in 2000 though, and have been using it ever since. Now Stephanie and Chris both have cells, and I have done away with my landline completely. Cheaper and more convenient.

Until I dropped my phone in Ruth’s piss-filled potty chair that is. Goddam thing won’t work now. I have it taken apart to dry out, hopefully it will work tommorow. I am only three weeks from being able to get a free upgrade, so perhaps I can go to the Verizon place tommorow and beg. Hell, I’ll feed em free fr a couple of weeks if they give me a damn free phone. I generally don’t bother with insurance for ANYTHING electronic. It’s just not worth it. Hell, I have had the damn thing 23 months. Even crapping out like this, if I have to buy my phone tommorow, I will still have saved enough to pay for it. Doesn’t piss me off any less though.

At least I don’t have to worry about work calling me in the middle of the night. hehe, they will call my district manager instead.