How NOT to dance

Scott Adams has a fairly humorous post about dancing. I commented, but still felt the need to post a bit about it. Dances (as well as other various gatherings) were a very big deal with the crowd that I hung with in my late teens and early twenties. Rather than being left out of things, I generally would attend, normally just skulking around the edges of the dance floor. Smoking. Talking with my closest friends, who also skulked around the edges of the dance floor. Occasionally I would get out and dance, until a girl friend told me that I dance like an ape in heat. Consider this. Dressed in leather, tatoos, long hair. Very heavy metal. Dancing to Wang Ching and whatnot. Looking like an ape in heat. Very fucking funny. It wasn’t until now, writing this down, that I realize just how fucking stupid I must have looked. Damn.

The Dilbert Blog: How to Dance