No such thing as a fair tax?

Came across this article earlier.
There is No Such Thing as a Fair Tax – Mises Institute
Below is a snippet from the article:
Former attorney Boortz is the well-known Atlanta-based “libertarian” talk show host who, like Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity, spends an inordinate amount of time on the evils of liberalism, the Left, and the Democratic Party while turning a blind eye to big government Republicans and supporting Bush’s “War on Terror.” Boortz has drawn fire from Christians for his support of abortion and gay rights. He has also offended Southerners (he himself was born in Pennsylvania but was raised throughout the country as a “Marine brat”) because of his negative comments about the Confederate flag.

Actually, Boortz slams big government all the time for its spending habits, one of the reasons for the Fairtax in the first place.
Mr. Vance writes that it is basically a bad thing that Boortz and Linder propose different or new finding for Social Security and Medicare, rather than calling for their elimination. Yes, I personally think that they should be eliminated, but one step at a time. They are too big, and too many people are dependent on them to get rid of right now.
He also makes a point about the Fairtax NOT repealing the sixteenth amendment. This is true, and very worrisome. Congress could, in effect, pass the progressive Fairtax, then turn around and tax your income as well. The two should go hand in hand.
Mr. Vance also correctly mentions that the Fairtax basically makes us ALL collect welfare by sending us the tax prebate. I agree and think that this should be done away with and the sales tax rate dropped.