December 16, 2005

Holy shit

Don’t bother visiting if you are easily offended or just plain don’t like my sick brand of humor, but when you do, check out the part entitles, “Massive Mamas & Moonshine”. Gotta go there on my next vacation, just need to remember my sack of flour. Port Hole Post #6 – The Porn Czar’s Port…Read more

Web Searches

The usual web searches that lead here. They are a little bit more varied than they were the last couple of times that I checked. 05 Dec, Mon, 08:17:24 “sandy springs” blog Since I am originally from Sandy Springs, I may have posted something about it’s incorporation. 05 Dec, Mon, 14:35:20 ruths titties ? Ruth…Read more

Tits on a snowman

This was kind of interesting. Around three years ago, we built a snowman on the front lawn. My wife, along with my next door neighbor, added tits, and if I recall correctly, a penis. At some point during the day, I suppose someone found it offensive and knocked it over. There’s no accounting for taste…Read more