Web Searches

The usual web searches that lead here. They are a little bit more varied than they were the last couple of times that I checked.
05 Dec, Mon, 08:17:24 “sandy springs” blog
Since I am originally from Sandy Springs, I may have posted something about it’s incorporation.
05 Dec, Mon, 14:35:20 ruths titties
Ruth is my three year old. You sick fucks.
Get it here or the national enquirer I suppose.
05 Dec, Mon, 22:14:29 blog i had to go pee
The combination of words leaves me speechless sometimes.
06 Dec, Tue, 13:30:02 blog natalie holloway
ok. Isn’t showing up in the searches quite as often as it was before.
06 Dec, Tue, 17:13:42 porn czar port hole
Linked on my side bar.
07 Dec, Wed, 11:24:54 pretty woman bbs december 2005
No idea.
08 Dec, Thu, 19:29:24 meedio blog
I have posted a couple of times about Meedio (an HTPC front end), makes sense.
09 Dec, Fri, 18:26:19 doing the pee dance
I posted a recent entry where this came up.
11 Dec, Sun, 12:44:26 shadowscope
11 Dec, Sun, 20:42:49 walmart stampede video
Ditto (posted recently)
12 Dec, Mon, 01:40:50 sodomy street
14 Dec, Wed, 12:33:56 itunes fair tax
I use itunes, and have posted, and obviously from prior postings I support the Faritax act, but how the fuck do the two combine?
15 Dec, Thu, 04:50:05 blogs boobs
Yes!!!. Titties and beer, Beer and blogging. I all comes together now.
15 Dec, Thu, 20:40:24 pee dance
Stay tuned for more mindless blithering idiocy.