Cell phone

I did receive my new cell phone Thursday night. Came via Fedex, and since I am at work all day, I had to drive to Lithia Springs to pick it up. Some dumbass at Verizon sent me what they call a “Quarantined phone”. That means that it has software on it that it shouldn’t have. I spent a total of about three hours at two different Verizon stores trying to get them to take care of it, the final result was that I should call tech support (the people that THEY were on the phone with for two hours) and get them to send me a new phone. So far the only thing I have found that I am having problems with is that I can’t access their Get it Now application, but since I make my own ringtones and transfer them from my PC, who cares anyhow. I also can’t seem to access DUN with it either, but I think that is Verizon blocking it on some of the new phones. I will have to email tech support about that. How cool would that be. My cell in my pocket, using my iPaq to access the internet via the bluetooth connection. Hell Yeah.

Once I get that fixed, fuck their tech support. They have been no help to me, same as the people in their store. You would think that as a consumer who spends over two thousand dollars a year with them, they would have just swapped the fucking phone out right then and there.