Looks like I will be spending four days on the gulf coast later in February. Don’t know what the fuck came over me, but I volunteered for it. Apparently we are doing so much business down there, noone is getting days off, managers and hourlys are burninig out and quitting. They are trying to send people down for short stretches just to get some folks the time off. It’ll be a nice change of pace anyway, and I am the only one I know in my area that can handle that kind of volume. No extra pay or anything, but sometimes a change of scenery is nice.

I have another vacation to get out of the way next week, if I don’t take it I may end up losing it. My boss goes on vacation after that, so I will be doing her job for awhile. I don’t think I am going anywhere this time though, unless someone is getting together for a blogmeet. That would be kind of cool. After spending a small fortune at Disney World back in October, I have to be very cheap.