I posted a little comment over at at Dax Montana’s site, and decided a bit of explanation might be in order.
Normally the W-2’s show up on the 31st. This is the first year that I can recall seeing them in quite so early. What happens is that they come in, and everyone is in a rush to get their taxes filed so that they can get back their returns, anywhere from $500 to $5000, depending on how many kids they have. The norm is to get back at least twice what they actually paid in to the federal government. It somewhat irritates me that MY taxes (which I end up owing every year) will go to finance THEIR refunds. I don’t mind that they get the refunds, considering that most of them make less than 20k for the year, they actually need it. My problem with it is that suddenly they are in the money, and some of them will not even hesitate to calling in several times over the next week, and blow all of the money on bullshit.
Thus the fact that I waited three days to give out the W-2’s. The day prior to starting my vacation. Occasionally there is a method to my madness. Eight days of vacation, then I fly to the Gulf Coast for four more days. Hopefully they will have that shit out of their systems by the time that I return.
In all actuality, I have a pretty good staff. There are maybe three people out of the 25 or so who work for me that I would expect this kind of behavior from, and luckily for me, they ALL owe child support, and the government keeps all of their refunds in order to pay it. Fuck ’em. Do the crime, do the time.