Wow, it’s been almost two weeks since I last posted. I’ve had a lot of stuff going on both at work and at home (not to mention that my PC was still offline for awhile. Anna is playing softball this season, so we have been pretty busy four nights a week. She is having a good time with it, which is the important thing. I have been putting 90% of my energy into work, and work-related issues. Had to get up at 4am today to finish a report that I should have done several days ago.

As much as I have said that I want to stay in a single unit until I retire, over the last few months my thinking has changed on that and I am trying to get promoted. I will be 55 or so when my youngest finally finishes High School, and I don’t particularly want to wait until then to start saving for retirement. Not to mention the fact that I would like to be able to do things, like going to Disney last fall, without it breaking the fucking bank. In short, I need the money. I am currently on the promoteable list, but I am basically going to have to wait until one of the three district managers in my immediate area either get fired, or promoted. Either is entirely possible, but it could be 6 days, or six months. Since I am not willing to move at the current time, that kind of limits my options. Once Chris graduates in May ’07, that may change. I asked Stephanie for a list of places she does not want to live, and I will turn in another application for promotion (whether I am in a store or district) at that time, and let them know where I am willing to go.

I haven’t even taken the time to read anyone else’s blog the last couple of weeks, and since I only have a few minutes left this morning, I may ready one, or two. Perhaps tonight I will have time. I have to finish working on someone’s laptop that I should have finished last night though. I may take it to work and see if I can get it done there today if it is slow.