As Dax would say…

just damn
. That is the only thing that I could think as I read the story.

What really struck me about really had nothing to do with the crime itself. Early in the article, there is a section that reads:

Emily Kurtz, who lives below the house the three men rented at 541 Peace Mountain Road off Allens Creek Road, said she noticed men in cars with out-of-state plates visiting the home off and on since she moved to the neighborhood in January.

Kurtz said the men kept to themselves, rarely waved and never spoke.

Ok, so this was enough for you to call the police? What the fuck happened to privacy? I understand that there are lots of arguments, such as that they could have been making or dealing drugs, etc…, but if they weren’t actually caught in a criminal act in public, who really gives a fuck. I don’t know. It just strikes me as wrong, even though the end result was probably right.