Web Searches

Once again, when I have nothing else to say, I checked to see the searches that might have led you here.
26 Mar, Sun, 04:06:28 thong thong
Ah, yes. At least I didn’t have one on when I took that picture at work last week. Due to the fact that someone I know might be reading this, I took the picture off flickr.
26 Mar, Sun, 11:17:22 old hippy
I bitch about them occasionally.
27 Mar, Mon, 05:21:22 new pictures of natalie holloway
Have never posted any pictures of her as I can recall, but the discussions on my posts are still going strong.
27 Mar, Mon, 16:31:07 natalie holloway blogs
Ditto the above.
29 Mar, Wed, 18:53:20 things not to say at work
The title of a previous post
31 Mar, Fri, 11:26:54 big fucking snakes
A recent post that also included patchouli smelling hippy motherfuckers.
01 Apr, Sat, 10:39:15 Alabama “Rainbow People”
Same as the last.
02 Apr, Sun, 15:45:48 Huff’s Crime Blog
I link to it, and read it most days.
02 Apr, Sun, 20:03:31 walking for jerry’s kids
Now this is funny. I refer to the above-mentioned pshmf’ers as Jerry’s kids occasionally. You know, Jerry Garcia, the dead hippy.
02 Apr, Sun, 21:46:07 Aruba Natalie Holloway
Yeah, it gets old for me as well, but it does garner a little linkage
03 Apr, Mon, 10:31:13 My wife wears patchouli and I hate it
Damn, you must have a pretty shitty life there dude.
03 Apr, Mon, 23:50:59 “peace mountain road”
As much as I love the mountains, don’t think you will find much peace here today.
04 Apr, Tue, 00:31:24 huff crime blog
See above
04 Apr, Tue, 02:40:32 blogs why Kyle Huff
04 Apr, Tue, 10:58:42 are you not supposed to smoke before having bloodwork

WTF? I know that I have posted about seeing the doctor, and have several on smoking, so even though this is a stretch, I can see it.
06 Apr, Thu, 01:44:15 things not to say at work
See above
All in all, basically just the usual bullshit. Nothing extremely striking this time around. Maybe next time someone will find this entry because they are searching for “goat blowing patchouli smelling fags”
Or not.