Help the dude get laid

I can think of easier ways to get laid, but what the hell. Looks like he is currently at 1,653,269 hits. Not too much longer to go. Hehe, his girlfriend is going to be pissed.

Help Win This Bet

Thanks to Acidman for the link


Three hours, 12 minutes later, and the guy is up to 2,276,462.

Have fun dude.

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  1. Considering that Wyatt couldn’t have lifted the lid to the septic tank himself how else would you explain it? Police are also treating this as a homicide. I’m not accusing anyone right now, that’s for local law enforcement to handle, particularly considering that both the parents have been questioned and released.
    There is always the possibility of a neighbor or stranger but I think we all pretty much know how this is going to end.
    There is also the possibility that nobody has really touched on yet and that is that he passed away due to his heart defect. I don’t know enough about his condition to make that judgment either but if it where the case why the hell would he placed where they found him?

    ABOUT THE DAD: i was responding to some stupid idiot on another page that was like “that dad shouldnt have been taken into custody he didnt do anything”
    i know the family personally.. heres what i have to say
    first off you obviously don’t know johnny smitsky very well, because he is not fit to be a parent he abused his kids and his wife. he was a drug addict and an alocholic along with his crazy wife. they both beat those kids and they both need to be put it jail. they can’t take care of themselves let alone 3 young kids. its pretty pathetic that cys didnt take the kids sooner than this because they had been to that house many times before that! wyatt and his sister tally were found playing in the middle of georgetown road one morning a year or so ago because they almost got ran over by a big mac truck and terry was inside passed out on the couch. those kids are not well taken care of nor have they ever been, their neighbor cares more about them then either of the parents. johnny smitsky is a worthless piece of human life. he doesnt know how to take care of a dog let alone kids. one day their puppy was barking and it wouldnt stop barking so johnny went inside came back out with the shotgun and shot the dog right in front of the kids and threw it on the fire. Johnny smitsky deserves to be in jail.. in reality he deserves alot worse than that.. i personally think the death penalty could play a good role in this part. so dont try preaching about how they shouldnt have taken johnny away from the family when you dont know the half of it.

  3. The reality at the END of the day is WHO are WE to judge ANYONE? WE are NOT GOD! I had a 12 year old son that was killed by a drunk driver on 06/18/94 and it was the driver’s NINTH DUI! The man did less then 5 years for my child’s life! To ME that was MURDER and yet…I do NOT wish him death! I am against the death sentence! I know that it is a terrible and horrific situation, and devastation is hitting MANY with the terrible loss of young Wyatt BUT such attacks on the parents is NOT what this little guy wants to be looking down from heaven upon! No matter WHAT kind of parents either of these two were, IF they are NOT involved in his homicide, do you truly think they are NOT suffering gravely? There can be MANY possibilities as to how young Wyatt ended up where he did. The cover could have already been off, and he fell in, and someone viewed the lid off and moved it back over the hole to prevent an accident, he could have been murdered elsewhere and placed there to not be found, this is a sick world we live in, and the reality is EVERYONE demands an answer, and the weight of that burden rests on the shoulders of the law and courts, so they may CREATE an answer out of the not so appropriate parenting these two parents might have provided. I just think that right now EVERYONE needs to take a step back, and exhale, and NOT judge, banish and sentence ANYONE until the test results are conclusive with the accuisations being formulated.

  4. Michele replied to comment from Richard | September 15, 2009 9:37 AM
    Wyatt could have lifted the lid himself, the proper lid had been replaced with a thin sheet of tin, but the tank was being serviced that day just prior to Wyatt’s disappearance according to:
    It’s true these children obviously weren’t watched closely enough, but that does not make for a murder charge. If the tank wasn’t properly secured, or worse left uncovered, it’s not Wyatt’s dad who’s going to end up in a world of trouble not to mention having to live with the end result.

  5. To F You Johnny…You need to just sit back and shut the the hell up. John has never abused those kids. Yes, they may not have been the most attentive parents but they were not abusive to those children. And yes the lid that was on there was not the proper lid for the tank. Wyatt could have lifted it had he wanted to. I am not saying that something tragic didn’t happen here because that little boy did not deserve to die at all but the parents are suffering enough without everyone jumping to conclusions about what happened. And just for you information, John wasn’t even home when it happened. I know that for a fact!!!!! My family was there. That neighbor you spoke of just happens to be my family.
    And the same goes to everyone else that can’t keep their mouth shut. let the parents/family grieve in peace. Let the coroner and the police do their job. And your comments are not helping the family get through this, especially when his older sister is hearing all of this!!!!

  6. I wanted to say to all of you. THIS IS A TERRIBLE ACCIDENT. Obviously you have no idea about the family or what the conditions were.The tank NEVER had a cement lid. That system does not use that kind. The officers that were interviewed were never on scence. The tank lid had been taken off to do repairs.( The kids had flushed toys down the toilet causing it to plug up). the father was the one trying to fix it, no one intentionally left it open. It was covered. Yea he could have lifted it, but it had been that way for a little while and none of the children went near it. The nieghbors had tried and tried to give assistance in fixing it and in watching the children. You need to look at all the facts, not just what you hear. Beaver County Times is the worse in “checking facts”. I know of very few articles that they publish that are completely checked before print. Now that the story has changed do you think we will be seeing a front page apology from anyone?

  7. You will here at least. I appreciate you updating us on this story. I’ve been out of town and then working so haven’t had the chance to check on it until today.

  8. I think this is the saddest thing ever people fighting who is this whole family is or is not fighting who understands them more due to being personal friends to this family whoever they might be or not.what i had thought when people do all this jumping to defend or rambling of how that character of these famly members shoul not be judged by others simply because they do not grasp the situation have you all lost it?what usually comes to mind is why did you do something to help this before then being neighbors family or whatever but nah it is better to argue now after all that has happened who is to be better to judge this man dad johnny john or john johnboy whoever it is about the loss of yet another sweet innocent kid thats it.

  9. I would not apologize to this family.. Just to the children. I hope they have the love and help needed to get through this entire mess. I hope they can grow to find the love and peace in their hearts to remember their little brother, and still go on to be productive adults.
    Many of us await the final autopsy report….

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