More on Yahoo! Go

I went ahead and installed it on my bedroom pc and started in. I was able to get the meedio configure application to recognize yahoo as the default app thanks to some directions posted on the meedio forums. I pulled one of my three tv tuners out of the living room and installed it. No go. Yahoo’s TV Tuner wizard says that it is an unsupported tuner, even though the WinTV PVR-USB 2 is in the list of only five tuners that it supports. Damn.

For the time being I am using BeyondTV again. Natively supports my tuner, AND the remote. Unfortunately, BTV and Meedio (or Yahoo GO) won’t use the IR Remote at the same time, Meedio uses a plugin and needs the IR program closed, and BTV uses the Hauppauge IR program.

I may swap out remotes later in the week. I have other shit that I need to do though, so it may be a few days before I get around to that.