April 2006

Can’t sleep worth a shit

I’m tired as hell this morning. I didn’t sleep worth a crap last night, tossed and turned. It’s my own damn fault because I came home yesterday and took a nap for a couple of hours, then drank coffee when I had to go in for shift change last night. I finally got up at…Read more

Work woes and no winnings

I didn’t win the $189 million last night, so I guess I will be back at work on Friday. I did manage to only lose $8 after my winnings though. You gotta dream sometimes. I am a pretty patient guy at work. It almost seems like and enigma. The older I get, the more patient…Read more

Things not to say…

…while having sex. I have to poop. Smile for the camera. Get off me, I’ll do it myself. This is your first time…right? You’re almost as good as my ex. When is this supposed to feel good? I thought YOU had the keys to the handcuffs! I was so horny tonight i would have brought…Read more


Sitting here listening to Evanescence. She has a beautiful voice, the band reminds me a lot of Queensryche, just slightly more depressing. What I consider a very “operatic” voice. Geoff Tate, and Rob Halford also have singing voices like that. Just a bit more crunch and Evanescence would be a big hair metal band.

Web Searches

Once again, when I have nothing else to say, I checked to see the searches that might have led you here. 26 Mar, Sun, 04:06:28 thong thong Ah, yes. At least I didn’t have one on when I took that picture at work last week. Due to the fact that someone I know might be…Read more