I go on vacation next Wednesday. Unlike what the title of this post says, I am not going anywhere 🙁

Christopher is flying up to Anchorage on the 3rd, which should be pretty cool. He will be staying with friends for a couple of weeks. I told him that I would send one of the cameras with him and kick his ass if he doesn’t take some pics.

Stephanie and the girls are probably going to spend a week or two in Hilton Head around the same time. Gonna have to send the pther camera with her. I know they are all looking forward to the trip while they are gone.

I think that I will have a yard sale while I am on vacation next week, so that I can eat while they are out spending my money. Good thing I work in a fucking restaurant.

Actually, with everyone gone, I can sit around the house in my underwear, drink beer, and smoke. That will be cool for a couple of days, then I will get bored and start missing everyone. The hard part is at night. I have a very hard time sleeping when my wife isn’t here, so I may end up being up for 120 hours straight.

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  1. I used to have a hard time when my husband wasn’t home. I got over it though and now like having the bed all to myself (not for too long, though). Enjoy your half-nekkid beer drinking, smoking time!

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