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Lisa made a comment in one of her posts that had to do with communication and modern day marriage. She mentioned BBSes and that sturck a cord. I have posted before about how my site started and just got to thinking about it.

During the time that I was calling BBSes and ran my own, I met some really nice people both in person as well as online. My wife and I both had a couple of nice friendships that started as a result of being online. I was into BBSes for several years and finally took it offline sometime around 2000. I know that the last year or two that I ran it I was strictly telnet only.

One of the things that I missed after that was the ability to converse with people online. I know that I can chat, but I hate chat. I use AIM, ICQ, and Yahoo, but prefer not to use them except rarely. I have used IRC as well. It’s ok, but I lump it in with all of the other chat programs. I guess maybe there is something psychological about it, but I prefer the Bulletin Board, or blog format. I have your undivided attention (you had better be listening dammit), and you can’t talk back, at least until I have had my say. It also gives us more time to think about what is going to be said, rather than having to come up with witty one-liners in two seconds flat. Not that having more time makes me seem any less retarded, give me ten seconds or ten hours, and I will pretty much come up with something related to poo.

I am looking forward to meeting some new friends soon. I have conversed online with a few of you, I have even spoken on the phone with a couple. I think that this fall, if they have it again, I am going to try to make it to the blog meet in Helen. Hopefully it won’t be on a holiday weekend. Other than that, as long as I know ahead of time (at least a few weeks) I can take my fall vacation. Consider that time-frame a friggin request to the gods-that-set-blogmeet-dates. Time to have a couple of brews with some bloggers.

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