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I am still having damn problems with the spam. Now too much is getting through the filter. I wish my site was hosted in my basement like I used to do, so that I could shoot the fucking server. I have deleted 450 spams since I got home, just from the last 13 hours.

Last night just completely sucked. I had to go back to work to handle shift change, picked Chris up from work after that, had to run him around and drop him off at a friends house so he could spend the night. Once I got home I stayed up for awhile blogging, hit the sack around midnight. Kind of late for me on the weekend, but I can handle five hours of sleep. At 1:15am one of my cooks called me to let me know that he didn’t appreciate being the only one there that did his job and he didn’t give a shit if I fired him, he was not going to cut any onions. Stupid fucker was geeking out on something. All of my people know that I have a very hard time sleeping, almost to the point of insomnia. They used to be very bad about calling me with stupid bullshit in the middle of the night, until one morning I came in and raised hell, and would not pay them early. I told them that they could drag themselves out of bed at 2pm if they wanted to get paid. They quit calling me at night after that unless it is truly important, in which case I have no problem with it.

As I said, I got to sleep at 12am, received this call at 1:15am. I finally managed to get back to sleep at 3:15am or so, and got back up for work at 5:30. Needless to say, I was not the most happy person when I got to work. I have been putting up with this dumbass and his decreasing performance for several weeks now. He is hitting something hard, possibly ice from what I have been told. I might have even put up with his shitty job for a little while longer in hopes that he would see the error of his ways. That is, until last night.

I cut his pay by 1.25/hr (almost 20%) and turned his 35 hour week into a 14 hour week. I won’t fire him, but if he doesn’t quit this week, next weeks schedule will see him on saturday night from 1am to 4am and that will be it.

My boss is going out of town on Wednesday for a week, so I get to run my store all week, as well as the other two on thos managers two days off. I can already tell what kind of week that this is shaping up to be. Maybe I will get really lucky and it will be nice and uneventful.

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  1. I am with you on the insomnia train – it sucks when you REALLY do want to sleep.

    I’m guessing your workers aren’t unionized? 🙂

  2. No. It’s not usually a big deal for them anyway, at least working for me. I have a very low turnover rate for a restaurant, I treat my folks well, but I can only put up with so much bullshit.

    Georgia is what is called a “right to work” state, which basically means that I can shitcan you for whatever reason I want to, BUT if it is not a good one, you can collect unemployment. I have had to fire associates in the past for fistfighting in the back room, one ended up actually collecting unemployment after beating the crap out of another employee. Thus the fact that nowadays I will generally make sure that you quit rather than having to fire you.

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