Just fell out of bed

Not really, but damn it sure feels like it. I had planned on sleeping until about 5:30. Just now woke up. The fireworks in Carrollton are held at the football stadium which is directly behind my restaurant, about 100 yards away. There are only three exits and I am right in front of one of them. Needless to say, after the 4th, it is a real goatfuck in there, so I have to go in and cook for a few hours. I’m taking tommorow off, so not too big of a deal I guess. I will just have to watch the firewoks from there, which is actually nice becuase it is so close, and I don’t have to deal with the traffic in and out of the football field.

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  1. I haven’t. Actually was thinking about a little deal at cafe press, but then when I saw that one picture I posted of me at the beach I decided I needed to be a bit light on the manboobs. Damn I need to start working out or something. Beer lifts just aren’t doing it.

  2. Not back yet…

    …but I will be this evening. Just relaxing and taking a bit of time to post before I come home and lock the keys back up for awhile. Something wrong with my damned archive links so that will be…

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