..I’ll be glad when it’s over.

My work week that is. I haven’t posted quite as much over the last couple of days as I thought I might. Since my boss is out of town I am taking care of her job, as well as mine. Normally I will have a manager trainee to run my shop when she is on vacation, but not this time. I have been getting up at 3:30, going in to my store to take care of paperwork and prep, then heading to one of the other stores for the day, then back to my store again. Luckily both the other managers are working this weekend, so it is pretty much a normal weekend. I was able to sleep until quarter of five or so today.

Stephanie and the girls are in Bluffton until Wednesday, and Chris is in Anchorage for another week and a half, so it is pretty fucking boring around here. At least the bed will still be made when she comes home, as I will probably spend the week on the couch. Guess I need to do some cleaning around the house this afternoon if I get home at a decent time.

Recieved an email last night from Yabu, and the Helen blogmeet is 9/08 – 9/10. W00t! Looking forward to it. I think that both the SO and I are going to try and make it, just have to get a babysitter for the weekend. It’s kind of early in the fall for me to be taking another vacation, but who gives a fuck anyway. I have taken all of them early this year anyway, and my boss is looking to take off the week in October that I took last year, it is the week that county schools are out for fall break.

I did manage to exchange a couple of emails last night with a blogger that’s mad at me for saying that she has snakes in her head. All women have snakes in their head, it’s just that some have really fucking big ones. I will stand by that statement to my grave.

Well, it’s off to work. Maybe I will have a chance this evening to do more than read other blogs. It’s payday, so that is historically a pretty long day for me.

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10 throughts on "..I’ll be glad when it’s over."

  1. Hey man, I didn’t know. Wasn’t sure if your Granny was readin’ this or not. Wanted to make sure I didn’t piss nobody off more than the usual ’round here.
    Richie… That’s funny now. I’d have had your face on Richie Cunningham standin’ side “Fonzie” (Eric) so fast you’d have pissed your pants at the beech.

  2. Yeah, I am gonna have to kick my brother’s ass very soon for that one. That’s OK, because it is what most everyone around here knows me as anyway. Cat’s out of the bag now.

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