The tough life

It’s been a hard day off today. I got up this morning to see the wife off to work, most of the teachers are starting to go back to work as school starts gain in two weeks. Drank some coffee and blogged for awhile. Had to watch Barbie Mermaidia with the girls which I recorded for them while they were in Bluffton. I took a nice nap on the couch while the girls played on Anna’s computer. Stephanie just got home and has run back out on errands. The positive cable on my car is broken and needs a replacement, but the nearest parts store is in the next town over, so she is driving over there to pick it up. I suppose I will help with replacing it, although I pretty much suck at doing anything on cars newer than 1967. The only one I ever felt halfway comfortable working on was my old ’67 Chevy Stepside pick-up. Damn, that was nice. Paid $100 for it, drove it for a couple of years, then ended up trading it for a bike which I later totalled. Bent the front rims, forks, bent the frame. Pretty much fucked it up.

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